Our research aims at better understanding of how biotic and abiotic factors interact to influence plant community dynamics, diversity and ecosystem functioning. In the Anthropocene, this is especially important because plants are facing multiple interacting global changes, such as eutrophication, changing climatic conditions and grazing regimes. These are likely to alter plant fitness in different life stages and competitive interactions with other plants and soil biota, ultimately leading to changes in community composition and diversity, and multiple ecosystem functions. We mainly do experimental research that seeks disentangling the impacts of different driving factors alone and in interaction with others.     


October 2021

Chhaya’s paper was accepted to Oecologia, congratulations Chhaya!

August 2021

New paper in press in Ecology!

June 2021

Two new papers accepted to Ecology and Ecology Letters!

October 2020

New paper accepted to Global Change Biology!

September 2020

New research paper accepted for publication in Ecology