eDiValo – Ecological Effects of Light on Diversity

We experimentally test the role of competition for light in mediating the effects of fertilization and exclusion of herbivory on diversity using novel methods. We also address the extent to which climate change can reinforce or mitigate competition for light, and affect diversity.

Herbivory and Climate Warming

We use a long-term field experiment located in northern Finland that manipulates temperature, soil nutrients and herbivory to investigate interactions among climate warming, nutrients, herbivory, plant functional traits and ecosystem functioning.

Multiple Global Change Effects on Californian Grasslands

We test the impact of multiple global changes on plant communities in a naturally heterogeneous grassland system in California. We also investigate the impacts of climate change and nutrient enrichment on plant-soil interactions, ecosystem functioning and seed bank.

Nutrient Network (NutNet)

Nutrient Network is a global research network addressing the joint impacts of herbivory and nutrients on grassland plant productivity and diversity. Together with Dr. Risto Virtanen, I am a PI of two NutNet sites in Northern Finland. 

Metacommunities, traits and global changes

We employ a trait-based approach in a natural metacommunity system, and integrate spatial heterogeneity, traits related to dispersal in space and time, biotic interactions and environmental filtering to understand plant community assembly and ecosystem functioning.”